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...your memoirs, autobiography, family history, historical novel, children’s book
i’ve written this book
And you’d like to see it in print; that’s only natural. If you want simply to give copies to family and friends, and you have a little money set aside for the purpose, we should be able to help you develop or edit it. Talk to us about it: a preliminary consultation is free. If it isn’t our sort of book, we will try to suggest someone else who can help.

everyone says it’s very good
If we think it might be our sort of book, you can send us a sample (20 pages or so) and a synopsis (the idea: the characters and plot, or what it covers), and for a fee we will write an appraisal: what’s good, bad, promising or saleable. We specialise in developing and reshaping text, fiction or non-fiction.

can you get it published?
We are not publishers and we do not have special access to commissioning editors. If your book has local or special interest, find a specialist publisher; otherwise you probably need an agent. If your book has potential, we can work with you to make the sample and synopsis worth looking at.
...Alternatively, you can publish it yourself. Identify the audience your book will appeal to and how you are going to market it to them and to booksellers. Again we can offer professional services and advice, or direct you to those better able to help.

tell me honestly that you like it
We work to make an honest living with very high-quality services at a reasonable price. You want to know whether we can offer what your book needs, and we are happy to spend a few minutes talking to you about it. Beyond that, please don’t expect to pick our brains free of charge.
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