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something went wrong in jet crash, expert says
Stating the obvious is one way to insult readers, but there are lots of other ways. Readers can be baffled by waffle, irritated by poor grammar, confused by redundancy and repetition, or tripped up by typos. If your staff are going to produce better writing, we can help.

writing promotional text
sessions for academics and administrators
Every college and university department has a glossy prospectus, packed with high-res. photos of ivy-clad concrete, nubile students and a water feature. But will anybody read it? Does your text stand out from the crowd? Are your course descriptions as focused and carefully cropped as the images? Be like the best child actors: short, honest and interesting. We can show you how.

marking changes
sessions for designers and office staff
“Can you read this? No? I'll have to ask him what it means.” There is no doubt if everyone uses the standard symbols to mark changes on printouts. They waste less time; you print fewer errors. In our two- to three-hour sessions, staff practise on realistic examples, with discussion and feedback; we supply the pens and laminated cards with British Standard symbols.

better writing and grammar
sessions for journalists
Reporting should be accurate, lively and concise, it should answer the questions your readers would ask, and it must be clear. Clear writing shows clear thinking, but only if your staff really are experts with words. If you warn them about their dangling participles, will they just blush? Can they handle may and might, which and that, its and it’s? Do they check syntax? Is their punctuation helpful and consistent? Do they question what they write? These small-group sessions cover:
..o        reading ages, abilities and techniques
..o        parts of speech, syntax and parsing
..o        common problems
..o        questioning the story
..o        on-screen editing exercises
..o        good advice from Orwell, Kipling, Leacock, Flaubert, the Rocky Mountain News
..o        two further queries per person, answered by e-mail

optional extras
Everyone needs a house style consistency is part of good presentation. We can help you draft or update yours. We also offer one-to-one mentored proofreading and editing, either face to face or by distance learning.

To find out more, speak to Gerard M-F Hill on 016977 46370 or e-mail

how can we fit it in?
As the actress said to the bishop, it’s easier than you think. If you can spare from two to twelve staff for two to three hours, even just one session will show them the essentials.

“The best course I've been on in the last 13 years” (senior lecturer in marketing)

if it’s good enough for best weekly newspaper

It’s good enough to get you noticed. The Cumberland News asked us to help raise its already high standards; it went on to win awards for Best Weekly Newspaper and Best Regional Newspaper. Give your readers a much better deal.

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