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why do i need a proofreader?
First impressions count. People judge you by what they see of you. They may overlook one mistake, but the second will make them think: “If they can’t even get that right, what else have they got wrong?” If you take care in what you do, let people see it. So yes, the ironic typo (above) is deliberate.

can you just give it a quick look through?
We can – quick turn-round is our speciality – if your draft has already been expertly edited. If it hasn’t, you can ask us to edit it.
If you want us just to check spelling and syntax, and you feel the other faults in your document don’t matter – ‘it’s good enough’ – we would rather you found someone else.

proofreading is not editing
There is no substitute for copy-editing. Proofreaders tidy up, catching errors missed in editing and typesetting. They spot and correct inconsistencies and mistakes in spelling, spacing, capitals and italics, punctuation, word-breaks, widows, orphans, headings and numbering, but they also add the page no. in ‘see page 00’, find ways to make corrections without altering the layout, tell you if your contact details been missed off and silently insert ‘have’.

we have a marvellous lady in our office who does all that
She also organises your diary, buys birthday cards and intercepts calls from salesmen. No office would run for a week without her. But you can’t expect her to concentrate on proofreading while she’s doing all those other things. We drop everything and focus on your work.

the proof of the pudding
Everything you publish, from an atlas to a flyer, needs to be edited before it goes to print – unless you don’t mind how you look.

But, if you need a proven proofreader, Much Better Text has the man who read six million words in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Perfection, though, requires a suitable schedule and budget. As Sir William Collins reputedly said, “A book with no mistakes in it has had too much money spent on it”.

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What they said

A really great job, thanks again! (website manager)

This is, I think, the best and most perceptive proof reading and copy editing I have come across, and I have done quite a bit of writing and editing (international author)

Many thanks for all your hard work – it’s been great working with you. (production editor)

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