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In Isadora’s Steps
by Lily Dikovskaya,
as told to
Gerard M-F Hill
Lily was Isadora Duncan’s favourite pupil – and knew her personally. When Lily was 7, she and her mother left London and set off for Moscow, to join a revolution in dance. She recalls Isadora as a person, the way she danced and how she ran her school. The girls danced in front of Lenin, stayed with Chiang Kai-shek and toured the USA, where Irma Duncan caused a crisis that marred Isadora’s legacy.
...Lily married an Englishman working in the Kremlin. In 1941, she and their daughter fled to Kazakhstan, returning in 1944 to find her husband had a mistress, but no passport. When Lily’s daughter was 7, the two left Moscow for ever, for England. Now in her nineties, Lily lives near London. .
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