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copy-editing, cutting, development editing, substantive editing, rewriting

it’s not what you do
It’s the way that you do it. If you aim to be much better than the rest, you want to put yourself forward in much better text. It gives authority to what you say.
People judge by first impressions.
Will they sit up and take notice of your message? Or will they notice only what’s wrong with it? And will they read to the end?

it’s the way you say it, too
If you have drafted something and you want it simpler, livelier or shorter, we do that. If you just feel it needs generally knocking into shape, we do that too.
Whatever it is – academic book or full-length tee-shirt– we make sure that your document says what you meant. Then we work to ensure that people are likely to read it, get your message and find it convincing.

less is more
Every word counts if we want people to read to the end. Fewer words cost less to print and leave more room for graphics. Most of all, lean text is easier to read.
We are asking people to follow us, through a story or around an idea, so we should smooth their path for them. It is a courtesy that persuades readers to stay with us.

optional extras
If you are not primarily a publisher, we can help you set up a house style or train your staff to mark and read copy.
If your job is small but urgent, we may be able to do it overnight (at extra cost). A sense of humour is an optional extra (free of charge).
If you have written a book or article, and you realise it needs to be edited, see our ‘much better writing’ page.

you know it makes sense
And so will your readers, when we’ve finished. We want to make every word work for you. Even if your text isn’t sick, we want to make it better.

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