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You know what you want to say, but there’s probably a better way to say it. If your aim is to be much better than the rest, whatever you put out – your letter, leaflet, flyer, ad –needs much better text. People judge by first impressions.
Will they sit up and take notice? Or will they notice only what’s wrong? Make sure they get the message with much better text.

who are you talking to?
Who are you trying to reach? Busy executives? Heroin addicts? Young children? Academics? Jo Public? The self-employed? We’ve done all those.
We analyse the content to ensure that your document says what you mean. Then we do what it needs to make your target audience much more likely to read it, get your message and find it convincing.
You are asking people to give you their time, so what you put out should be concise, well expressed, interesting and readable. It should also be accurate, appropriate, clear, complete and consistent, with its own logic.

optional extras
If your job is small but urgent, we may be able to do it overnight (at extra cost). A sense of humour is an optional extra (free of charge).
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